Semester 4 work at NYIT, all hand-drawings

The first project was analysis of the Yale University Library. (image 1)

The next project was simply to create a temporary facade for the Gold House in Italy. Next came the finalized the ideas from the temporary facade
My design enlarged pieces from the original existing facade to present the feeling that the past was not lost. (images 2-6)

The next project was design of a shoe store. Students used an existing shoe designer to create a store for them in a given location
My design focused on the shoe called the Nat-2. The shoe idea is that you can unzip a shoe to reveal a second shoe underneath. While this might not be the best idea for a shoe, I though it an excellent idea for a design. I wanted to design this store so that the customer thought that they were inside the shoe idea while in the store. (images 7-10)