Semester 3 work at NYIT, all hand-drawings

In Design, students learn how to design and construct in real-world scenarios.

The first project was design of a Bird-Blind. Students had to build a bird watching building that had to allow space for a jogger’s path and a bridal path that in the city next to the Reservoir.
My design problem was how to incorporate what humans’ walk on, cement, with what birds walk on, trees. The answer, I felt, was to help people get as close as possible to the trees. My design followed this logic, by creating a large “trunk” to frame the building, with several terraces open to the outside. (images 1-2)

The next project was an analysis of Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. (images 3-4)

The next project is creating a recreational area that incorporates a swimming pool and an ice rink. The trick was designing this around a sloped ground.
My design used the logic that since the two paths that enclose the given area are fairly straight, the path through the building should be similarly straight. Because of space limitations, I felt that pool water could be frozen to create the ice rink. (images 5-6)