Semester 2 work at NYIT, all hand-drawings

This first project was design of an airport. Students had to design rooms that fell in line with a certain pre-designed grid system as well as a pre-designed area.
My problem at first was that my rooms lacked logic. I fixed this by adding huge walls that dictated the path that the traveler should take. These walls extended past the top portion of the grid, which made for a very interesting roof design. (images 1-4)

The next project was to re-design an existing tenement building for a museum, after writing an essay on the tenement houses.
I was assigned four tenement houses, which was more space than other students had. My design revolved around the words: Unexpected, Pattern, Ornament, “Window Between Rooms”, “Barrowing Light”, and “Ducking and Weaving”.
I used this to design my facade, which featured multi-layered walls. Each wall had windows, but one could only see through partially because the next window behind it was off-set. My plan revolved around unexpected turns, which made for an interesting museum. (images 5-9)