Semester 1 work at NYIT, all hand-drawings

Fundamentals 1 teaches the very basics of design.

This first project was designing a studio space. The trick was, the building had to be made from one continuous piece of chip-board. Folding and cutting the board was more stressed upon than having functional spaces. After this was constructed, students had to add a large wall, the datum that somehow entangled itself in the original building. (images 1-5)

The next assignment was to take shapes derived from the golden rectangle, and begin extruding them in different heights. These shapes became the foundation of a water plant. Three water tanks were to be the same volume, but each having a different height. Then students added tubes that connected each tank. After this, students had to add walk-ways as well as small sheds. My design was to take place in the middle of a hill, which added a nice feature to my project instead of the factory-setting that most other students went for. (images 6-8)